As I promised, my organic roadmade cosmetics are finally here!

First edition is this set of Roadmade sun touched shampoos.

Why did I create these awesome shampoos?

To be honest, it was just one of those ordinary days, when I left everything for the last minute. Also, the washing of my hair. My hair used to get super oily just after few days!! This day, it was a morning that I was getting ready to school and desperately needed to clean my hair immediately. However, the damn shampoo ran out! I was too ashamed of going on a public with a hair like that. So, I found a second solution, a homemade shampoo! I made a homemade shampoo out of baking soda. It surprised me the way my hair got clean, even without using a real shampoo. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was that my hair lasted the whole four days without getting oily! This was definitely a reason that made me learn about this way of cleaning even more. I hated always doing this same process:

  • The need to wash your hair twice – because the first time only the dirt goes away and just by the second time you’ll get the desired glow
  • You need to use first, shampoo (twice), conditioner, a spray that would make your hair brushing easier, a spray for an extra glow, and a foam for volume
  • Yet, my hair still the first day after cleaning had absolutely no volume and looked horrible, the second day was the one lucky day when I actually liked them, and the third day already oily again, ready to wash!
  • The worst part, my hair used to fall down massively. It looked almost sick. I remember my friends needed to vacuum after my every visit. Just like if they had a cat visiting

…Oh, so annoying!

Well and then, after being very happy with the baking soda cleanse, I started to experiment with this stuff all the way.

And, three years later, this is when Dirtylicious Roadmade Suntouched Shampoo was born!

Why do I love this baby that much?

  • You don’t need to use ANY OTHER PRODUCTS (for volume, glow or whatever) ..You have it ALL IN ONE!
  • It’s enough to WASH your hair just ONCE, it will get clean and glowing all together just by one use
  • A bonus, it contains turmeric and a camomille tea that will give your hair a little sun touch and make your hair color brighter
  • It also contains sea salt, giving you the curly BEACH HAIR LOOK
  • It is a ZERO WASTE PRODUCT that saves the planet
  • After long-term using, it’s enough to wash your only once in two weeks (although, I do recommend washing them every day with            a pure water)
  • Your hair’s going to look juuust perfect!


My special ingredients ( all of these are organic)

Rye flour, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, olive oil, turmeric, camomille tea, cinnamon, lime essential oil, peppermint essential oil



170 ml – 5,99$

500ml – 10,99$