I’m so excited you’re here!

I’m Kristina.  A girl with a serious travel addiction and the author of Earthy girl blog. My goal is to travel on the lowest budget possible and with the lowest waste possible. I love to flow around this world with my hula hoops and see as much as I can. If I’m not dancing with the hoops or exploring some new beautiful places, I’m probably inventing a new natural way of washing my hair.

On this blog, I share all my awesome tips on traveling sustainably as a backpacker. You’ll find here everything from DIY recipes of my ‘Road-made cosmetics’, sustainable travel guides and some hoopyoga inspiration. Join me on my journey exploring this planet while keeping it pretty and healthy green.

Who is this blog for?

For all the Earth lovers! Whether you want to explore our planet or take care of her, I’ve got you covered. 🙂

If you want to learn how to make things from scratch though you’re a bit lazy or low on money, you should check out my ‘Roadmade-cosmetics’. If you’re a traveler looking for some inspiration and useful guides on staying eco – friendly while adventuring out there, you’ll love my sustainable travel tips. And for all the yogis and flow artists who are into the freedom of movement, there’s an upcoming section ‘Hoopnosis’ part coming soon. So stay tuned!


What is the Earthy girl blog about?

Little money, lots of adventure

This is what I call my lifestyle. I chose to give up my comfort for the amazing experiences on the road. Falling asleep on the beach and waking up with the splash of rising tide giving me its morning shower?  Yes, yes, yes! Sounds exactly like my favorite kind of night! Seeing the beautiful bioluminescent plankton and then getting robbed in Costa Rica? Absolutely, shit happens to everyone.

Zero – waste lifestyle  

Well, our Earth means to me everything. As to all of us should. I’m trying to keep it beautiful&healthy and helping others do the same. I follow the zero – waste way of living (which isn’t always the easiest on the road).

I’m still far from zero, yet this is the goal. I like to create my own, simple DIY cosmetics out of common kitchen products, not producing any waste. This keeps my hair and skin glowing and it doesn’t harm the planet.

Organic movement of the body

‘Organic movement’ is the one that takes care of your mind, body, and spirit. Also, it’s a lot of fun too. I call it ‘organic’ because you don’t move just to get your six-pack abs or only to lower down your cholesterol. You move simply out of the joy of doing it and everything else comes naturally. For me, this is yoga and dancing with a hula – hoop. Yes, I’m a proud grown up kid.

Only a few years ago if you mentioned to me the word movement I would get all anxious about it. I always knew that was something I should do but I hated it. In high school, I would even forget my gym clothes on purpose.  The proper exercising just to get the perfect beach body would keep me moving no more than three days.

This is why I’m so grateful I discovered yoga and hoop-dance. More on that in the actual posts. 🙂


Now, what actually made me travel?

Since a little girl, every summer we used to go for a family holiday to Croatia. Our holidays were always road trips in a car from Slovakia to Croatia, and then camping somewhere next to the sea. Some nights, there were crazy, summer thunderstorms that made us hold our tent for the whole night so it wouldn’t get blown away.

Or we might even hide in the car because it was too dangerous to stay outside. I was scared to death, but I was still enjoying it. When there wasn’t a storm, my sister and I, we used to sleep under the stars in a hammock, waking up with the cicadas.

We used to eat the fresh Croatian fruits, jams, fish and then spent the whole day in the sea. Yep, IN the sea. No next to it, sunbathing hah (I couldn’t stand that as a kid). I used to spend hours and hours in the sea without going out till my skin didn’t turn into the skin of a frog. I loved how much fun we used to have.

These holidays were always my favorite part of the year. And still are the best memories of my childhood. That’s probably what made me live life as one big adventure. I learned to love the time being uncomfortable already as a little kid, and now it looks like, it’s stuck with me forever. 

So that’s it friends. 🙂 

Hope you enjoy reading my posts.