The truth is, all the vegan restaurants in Hoi An will blow your mind.

This post is just about my favorite picks.

It’s heaven for vegans and eco-conscious travelers. Plus, it’s cheap!

As soon as you enter Hoi An you’ll discover that it’s an eco-friendly bubble of Vietnam. Heaps of zero – waste cafes, zero – waste shops, vegan places, and everything bamboo. If you’re a green traveler, Hoi an is your must stop!

You’ll find Buddhist temples and next to them, ALWAYS A VEGAN BUFFET! Made for locals with local prices. You don’t have that everywhere in Vietnam.

Actually, the Vietnamese eat meat almost with every meal. It’s a hard work to get a fully vegan meal (especially if you’re outside of Hoi An). You order pho with veg and tofu, and while you do get that, something extra will come along too. Think of a floating fried egg, chicken bits or fish sauce. Some Vietnamese just don’t consider these as meat or animal product.

Good news though, in Hoi An, this happens way less. Now, read on to find out about the top 7 vegan restaurants in Hoi An.

The top 7 vegan restaurants in Hoi An (for all budgets)

The vegan ‘restaurant’ N1: Quan chay ba dam

My fave!

Quan chay ba dam is more of a vegan buffet than a vegan restaurant. Since this is a hidden local place, only a few travelers know about it.

My friend discovered this one by coincidence and since then, I never stopped coming here. You’ll find here monks, expats and lots of locals. They don’t use plastics and offer free green tea. The average meal costs from 20-50k VND and drinks from 10-20k VND.

And of course, it’s super affordable, healthy and yummy!

The vegan restaurant N2: Quan Chay Nhat Da

Top vegan restaurants in Hoi An

Another one of my frequent ‘go-to’ vegan restaurants in Hoi An.

Here, you’ll find the traditional Vietnamese and Hoi An’s dishes made in a vegan version.

Although slightly more expensive than the previous one, it’s still cheap. To save more money, always stick to local food. The prices here range from 30-80k VND.

**These guys unfortunately still use plastic straws. So, if you order a drink, ask them for no straw or any plastic (‘không có nhựa’).

The more touristy vegan restaurants in Hoi An (but still worth it!)

Minh Hien vegetarian restaurant

Expats and travelers loove Minh Hien.

Me too, but, ehm, it’s not for every day eating. It’s delicious but pricey. Also, the only locals you’ll see here is the staff. Prices start at 50k VND going up to 200kVND. Yet, the food is yum, and it comes along with a nice ‘expat atmosphere’.

If you feel like splurging a bit, do it here. 😉

Rosies cafe

This cafe isn’t exceptionally vegan but has great vegan options.

If you’re a backpacker who enjoys a lovely hip coffee culture, you’re in! But as all stylish, hip, eco-places, it’s more expensive.

However, when it comes to Rosie’s cafe the price didn’t stop me. They use organic ingredients, don’t allow take-outs, the place is extra cozy, and they serve drinks in bamboo straws. I was happy to support a business like that.

Phi Banh Mi

Top vegan restaurants in Hoi An

Every hostel recommends this place. They say it’s the best Bahn mi in Hoi An.

And guess what!

It’s actually true. I don’t how about the classic ones, but the vegan one is a badass you’ll want every day.

Seriously. It’s a Bahn mi with TOFU&AVOCADO. Yes, yes, yeesss!

Also, it’s huge and costs 30k (a bit too much for Banh mi but it’s larger than the usual one).

Banh mi chay

Every morning there’s an old lady with her veg Bahn mi food stall serving veg Banh mis for only 12k VND.

She’s the sweetest lady ever, and has soy milk too. She sells it in plastic bottles but if you give her your own, she fills it up home and the next day, you have fresh milk in your reusable bottle. Definitely worth the wait.

Vietnam Sustainable Space

top vegan restaurants in Hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

The name says it all. The most sustainable coffee shop I found in Vietnam.

It’s not a vegan restaurant but only a cafe. I thought I’d include it in since it’s one of the coolest spots in Hoi An.

To be exact, it’s a coffee shop, zero-waste shop, clothes-swap place, and a co-working place. When you a drink or a coffee, you have to prepare it yourself. It’s a non-profit cafe/shop, run only by Vietnamese volunteers who take care of the place but don’t serve you.

Don’t worry though, they have the exact recipes with instructions for each drink written in their menu. Making a lemonade or a coffee yourself is fun anyway. Feels homie.

You can even refill your water bottle here for free (although that’s in many places).

The best part; All sales profits of their products are transferred to Khu Kho Hoc foundation in order to support the disadvantaged children in remote and rural areas to complete their study from elementary to postgraduate level.

Come support them!

Vegan zone

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

Another amazing place with mid-range prices, yummy dishes, great vegan desserts (try their pancakes) and a friendly atmosphere. An average meal costs you here around 50-80k VND.

Their big plus, they don’t use plastics!

Street smoothie stalls

Lastly, the street smoothie stalls.

They’re also vegan if you tell them no milk (sua) and no sugar. If you don’t want a smoothie you can just get a fresh coconut.

Let them cut it for you after you’re finished with the water and eat the coconut meat. Don’t forget to bring your own cup!

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

So, if you can’t choose between all the vegan restaurants in Hoi An, these are my top seven . Decide on your budget, choose one (or all), try to stick to local places and enjoy.

Buy your zero-waste kit, support the local sellers and if you buy something ‘to-go’, always have your own container.

If you have any favorites I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the comment below.

Happy foodventures!

Hoi An vegan guide, top vegan restaurants to visit in Hoi An