After spending a whole one month in this amazing little beach town I can proudly recommend you my top vegan restaurants in Hoi An. Unlike other places in Vietnam, Hoi An is considered to be the eco-city thanks to its many veg restaurants and zero-waste cafes. You could call it the environment conscious bubble of Vietnam. Buddhism and a large population of caring expats living here made a healthy lifestyle extremely easy in Hoi An.

Traditionally, Vietnamese eat meat almost with every meal. Many times it’s difficult to get a fully vegan meal (especially if you’re outside of Hoi An). Let’s say you order pho with veg and tofu (Love it), however, you’ll never know if you’re actually going to get only that. Sometimes you’re lucky, you get the meal you actually ordered. Though sometimes, while you don’t get the meat you may discover a floating egg in your soup or the soup water will have a meaty fatty taste.

Most of the times, Vietnamese understand that you don’t want meat but they usually don’t get that you don’t want it in the soup water or sauce either. Watch out for salads! Fish sauce danger everywhere!

Top Low budget vegan places in Hoi An

Veg Out – Quan chay ba dam

Let’s start with my favorite one. Veg out is the one little hidden place that very few people know about. It is super affordable, local, healthy and not mention extra tasty. My friend discovered this one by coincidence and since then I never stopped coming here. You’ll find here monks, expats and lots of locals. They don’t use plastics, they offer free green tea, average meal costs from 20-50k VND and drinks from 10-20k VND.

Quan Chay Nhat Da


Top vegan restaurants in Hoi An


Another one of my very frequent ‘go to’s. In this restaurant, you’ll find the traditional Vietnamese and Hoi An’s dishes made to Vegan version. This one is still quite affordable, although a bit more expensive than the previous one. It all depends on if you want local food or western food. Obviously, western food will cost you more. Prices range from 30-80k VND. Make sure that if you order a drink to tell them no straw or plastic (không có nhựa) as unfortunately they still use it.

A bit touristy but still awesome veg places

Minh Hien vegetarian restaurant

This one is favorite by many expats and travelers. You won’t find any locals here and it can be seen on the prices as well. Prices are significantly higher here starting at 50k VND. However, the food is delicious and if you feel like spending more money on a good quality meal, this should be your first stop. Bonus, they have a tap beer that costs only 10k VND.

Rosies cafe


This cafes is not exceptionally vegan but has some amazing vegan options. It’s made for foreigners,, and expats. They try to restrict their waste by serving drinks with bamboo straws, and not offering takeouts. I definitely love this place but don’t go here often as it’s quite expensive (definitely worth it though). If you would like to try this one out, make sure to not come in rush hour because you’ll have no place to sit. (And as I said, NO TAKEOUTS)

Phi Banh Mi

Top vegan restaurants in Hoi An

Every hostel will recommend you this place that it has the best Bahn mi in Hoi An. And guess what! They also have the best vegan Bahn mi in Hoi An. Hold on now! BAHN MI WITH TOFU AND AVOCADO!!! Yes, yes, yes it exists, it’s huge and costs 30k (a bit too much for Banh mi but it’s larger than the usual one so it’s okay)

Banh mi chay

Every morning there’s an old lady with her veg Bahn mi food stall serving you another very good Bahn mi for only 12k VND. Definitely worth the try.

Vietnam Sustainable Space

top vegan restaurants in Hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

The name says it all. The most sustainable coffee shop I’ve found in Vietnam. However, they’re only a coffee shop, a zero-waste shop and a co-working place that doesn’t offer any food. No, not even cakes or snacks. The place is run by volunteers, you can buy a coffee or lemonade here that you have to prepare yourself. Don’t worry, they have the exact recipe with instructions for each drink written in their menu. You can even get a free refill of water here or buy your new zero-waste kit.

All of their All profits from the sale of their products are transferred to Khu Kho Hoc foundation in order to support the disadvantaged children in remote and rural areas to complete their study from elementary to postgraduate level.

Vegan zone


top vegan restaurants in hoi an

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

Another amazing place, mid-range prices, yummy dishes, great vegan desserts (try their pancakes) and a friendly atmosphere. An average meal costs you here around 50-80k VND. Their big plus, they don’t use plastics! Yay.

Street smoothie stalls

Of course, don’t forget the street smoothie stalls. They’re also vegan if you tell them no milk (sua) and no sugar. If you don’t feel like a smoothie you can get a fresh coconut, let them cut it for you after you’re finished with the water and eat the yummy young coconut meat.  And of course, bring your own cup!

top vegan restaurants in hoi an

So, here you have all my favorites! Hope you’ll love them as well. If you have ideas for other places just let me know in the comment. 🙂

Happy foodventures!

Hoi An vegan guide, top vegan restaurants to visit in Hoi An


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