Let’s make a DIY organic shampooo! Yay!

To be honest, if you asked me 4 years ago about this, I would have no idea what you’re talking about. But now, It’s been a few years already I’ve been using my self-prepared “DIY organic shampoos”.

Actually, it’s been just a coincidence that I started using these. Back then, I didn’t really care about the natural products, the environment or any of those that much. I used to dye my hair, curl them, use all sorts of hair products just to make them prettier. Fortunately, one day I run out of shampoo and desperately needed to clean my hair. I made my first homemade shampoo ever and never bought a new one again.

If you’d like to know the whole story, I talk about it here.

In this post, I’m going to jump right into the pure facts about the store-bought and DIY organic shampoos and their preparation. And I must admit that before researching the content for this post, I never realized that the commercial shampoos and overall cosmetics are that bad for us!

I stopped using store bought cosmetics mostly because of their plastic containers and their drying effects on my skin and hair. Also, my hair used to get greasy super quickly (and this has significantly changed once I’ve started to produce my own shampoos).

In spite of all of this, I didn’t know there were so many nasty chemicals in them that could cause so much damage. Not to mention the worst. Some of them even contain pure carcinogens!! What the…?! And we see people buying these, using these daily! That is crazy.

The craziest thing though is that people actually still believe that these products are safe to use. They think they wouldn’t sell something that is not safe to use. …Well, I don’t know, let’s have a look.

As an example, I compared multiple popular brands such as Axe, Palmolive, Dove, etc.. and checked out what they’re using.

Now, according to my research, these companies have no problem with using components that are officially labeled as human toxins or envirotoxins. Many of them cause several damages to our bodies and some of them might even cause cancer.

The most common ingredients in conventional shampoos explained:

  • Sodium Laureth sulfate – slowly damages the hair by breaking down its natural protein structure, and irritates the eyes
  • Cocamide DEA – just a dangerous human carcinogen
  • Cocamide MEA – Although this component is said to be safe as it comes from coconut fatty acids and some weird stuff, it contains small amounts of Cocamide DEA
  • DMDM Hydantoin – This is a nasty one! A preservative that seems to be innocent by itself however it releases Formaldehyde on our bodies. And what the heck is Formaldehyde? Well, it’s the same thing that is used to embalming the dead. It supports cancer formation and makes our body’s organs stiffen which consequently leads to organ damage.
  • Sodium Chloride, Polyoxyethylene – These are thickening agents which remove the natural oils from our hair. When we get rid of our natural oils, our bodies will just produce more and more of them, eventually resulting in oily hair after only 24 hours. And that is not healthy nor pretty.
  • Silicones and hair sealants – Luckily silicones are famous for their harsh chemical nature. They’re supposed to make our hair shiny but instead, the result is dry, frizzy, and hard to manage hair.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol in a shampoo. Another weird thing that is considered normal. Ladies and gentlemen, free booze for your hair!… Just imagine the dry the way your mouth feels when you wake up hungover in the morning. The same happens with your hair and scalp when you give it alcohol. It gets dry and in need of some serious hydration.

Well, I’m not going to bore you with a chemistry lesson. Simply said, the ingredients in store-bought shampoos aren’t that awesome and healthy as they claim to be. They probably won’t kill you but there’s nothing good inside of them neither. And I don’t want to scare you away of using commercial shampoos. Instead, I want to inspire you to start making your own DIY organic shampoos.

Homemade organic shampoos are fun to make and even more when you really see their effects!

They make your hair healthy and beautiful and don’t harm the planet thanks to their simple, earth-friendly components.

I mean, what’s better than when you can take total control of the ingredients and unlock your natural beauty?

So, let’s dive into it!

Ingredients (if you can, try to get all of them organic):


  • ⅓ cup  Rye flour – the most important ingredient, gets all the dirt and oiliness out
  • ⅓ cup  Water
  • 2 TBS Apple cider vinegar – leaves your hair light, smooth and shiny
  • 1 TS –  Olive oil – hydrates the hair
  • 5 drops – peppermint essential oil – supports hair growth and leaves your hair fresh


  • 5 drops – Lime essential oil – for an extra freshy smell
  • ⅓ cup – Chamomile tea instead of water – soothes the skin, relaxes the mind, and makes hair slightly brighter (the sun touched hair effect)
  • 2 TB – Sea salt – wavy, huge volume, surfer’s hair effect (be mindful of the amount as salt can make the hair dry)


  1. Place the chosen ingredients in a glass bowl and mix well. Best would be to mix in a blender, though if you don’t have one it’s okay to mix it only with only a teaspoon.
  2. Wet your hair properly with warm water.
  3. Put the mixture on your hair, make sure you put it thoroughly everywhere and give yourself a little head massage.
  4. Let it sit there for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Wash everything out. Use a bit more water as it might wash out slower than a usual shampoo.

After washing you’ll notice your hair clean, shiny, with its natural volume and a great natural smell. You don’t need to use any more products as you’ve had it all in one now. There’s no need of extra shine spray, volume foam, conditioner…No, none of it! Isn’t that awesome? Imagine how many plastic containers, toxic ingredients (for you and the planet), and money you just saved.

When you stop using store bought products on your hair, you’ll find out that after some time you will need to wash your hair only once in 1-2 weeks! This happens due to the recovery of your natural oil production on your scalp…However, it is essential to clean it with pure water daily.

Congrats! You’ve made a step to healthier hair and a healthier planet. This shampoo is really easy to make, cheaper than the ones from stores, organic, and produces no waste! Nourishes your hair, doesn’t harm the Earth and saves you some serious money. Personally, there’s no going back for me. And you’ll see that too.

Have fun!