Granada, the Andalusian capital. The little town where you wander the stretchy white streets and hear the music in every corner! The town where you watch people dancing flamenco, juggling, and doing many weird things the whole day, and never get bored. You can even join them! Though first, you need to notice them and appreciate them. Believe me. Sometimes, this could take a while…


To be honest, I never thought I would ever visit Granada. Granada is not the type of destination you’ll stumble on social media and start packing. Actually, I wasn’t sure about it at all. When I looked it up on Google, I just found pictures of Morrocan streets with Moroccan people. Nothing against Marrocco, definitely want to visit one day! Let’s just say, it wasn’t the type of culture that I currently felt like exploring. The only reason why I came, were the things my friends told me about it. Everybody who’s been here told me that I would love it. They said that I might actually never leave because it’s just an awesome city. So, I gave it a shot! I flew to Malaga and got straight in here for two weeks… After spending an amazing night in Malaga, it was hard to believe that there might actually be something better. Yet, I still believed in Granada…Till I came here….After arriving in Granada, I thought I would literally cry! I felt like I just left amazing people in Malaga and came, here? I hated it. Hated, hated it!! Then I spoke to one of the expats living here, who told me not book any flights. He said I wasn’t leaving anytime soon because Granada would suck me in. Was this guy kidding me? I thought the sooner I go the better. Everywhere where I looked or stepped, everywhere were these annoying Arabs chasing me offering me a tea, shisha or place to stay for free. Ah, so annoying! It felt exactly like from the pictures on the internet. Exactly what I didn’t want. Also, what the heck was it with these hippies everywhere? They looked so unfriendly and extremely cool at the same time. And, they seemed to like people only of their kind. Obviously, I didn’t like them either! I judged them. I judged the whole Granada from the first impression. I just wanted to run away. Run, run fast!



However, then I decided to not to be this judgemental, spoiled crybaby anymore. To give it a few days and then decide if I liked it or not. If all of these people loved it that much, why couldn’t I? After all, the scenery was pretty nice. People looked happy. There must have been something about it! Something that I hadn’t found out yet. ..A week later, Granada finally poisoned me too! Suddenly, all the negativity disappeared. Just like that, as the time passed by. I stopped noticing the annoying Arabs and started to enjoy everything it had to offer instead! Suddenly, I couldn’t understand why did I hate it that much at the begging. Two weeks later, I got totally sucked in too. Just like everybody was telling me. I even purposely missed my flight to England. I couldn’t leave yet! I felt like I  still didn’t have enough. Not at all. Who knows if I’ll ever have enough, hah. I could actually imagine my life in here!

Granada is not that kind of town that will impress you from the first look. You need to live it to love it! Give it some time! And finally, you’ll get addicted.

Though to fasten this process, you can follow my itinerary of what to do in here and get excited straight away!







Oh, yea! My favorite activity everywhere around the world. I know, I know, if you think of coffee, Spain is not the exact country that comes into your mind. Well, from now it will! Especially the little Granada and its serious coffee shops! As a digital nomad, I always look for cute&cozy coffeeshops with a strong internet connection. So when you’re here, definitely check these out!

  • Café Baraka – The most popular one. Open space coffee shop where you can sit and work right at the window!! You can sit with one leg in the coffee shop and the other one on the street. Love these amazing sittings in here! You can see everything and everybody passing the busy street right in front of the cathedral. But, be careful! Once I almost fell out on the sidewalk when people-watching too much.
  • Café D’eti – Another cool coffee shop. The only annoying thing is that they’re closed from 1 pm to 4 pm. Most of the times I came it was closed or they just didn’t let me in, because it was 10 to 1 pm. Unbelievable! …Anyway, you can sit either inside where you have a wide working space or outside in the middle of the street. Both are extremely cool!
  • La Qarmita – A cozy cafe, more to hang out with friends than to work. Overall, it has a nice atmosphere and a book trade… Very strong internet connection though!


Tapaaaas!! Tapas hopping is an amazing Spanish tradition. Basically, it is a bar-crawl where you go for a beer and with each beer (or any other light drink) you get a little tapas, a small portion of food. Granada is the tapas capital! Known for a huge portion of tapas and in many places you even get to choose what kind of food you want! What’s better than that? For example, for two euros you get 3dcl of beer and a food. Awesome, right?

My favorite tapas bars are La Riviera, El Origen de la Buena Vida, and La Buena Vida. Very busy bars with a tasty food. Definitely, have a look in these places!


Okay, seems like I like to hop a lot. Well, what can I say? That’s Granada! Seems like this city thanks to its high population of Erasmus students has also an exciting nightlife!

If you don’t want any mainstream bullshit, make sure to check out these places:

  • Booga – A big cool club to dance.
  • Entresuelo – I love this one! Always busy, full of hippies dancing, playing mostly weird music (that I like).
  • Pata Palo – People tend to like this very local, little dance bar so that is why I’m mentioning it in here. Although, I find it a bit boring and too small. Not my style that much.


Granada is full of street artists!! It’s incredible! And it would be a sin not to mention that I was one of them too haha. If you just walk around El Albaicin, the Arabic quarter or head to Plaza Nueva around 7-8 PM, you’ll have a show for the whole evening. You can find amazing guitarists, singers, flamenco dancers, hoop dancers (me), jugglers, and many weird stuff that I don’t even know what to call them like. Don’t forget to tip them, this is what these people do for a living. Without these people, Granada would be just another town. If you like its atmosphere, please support them.



This is a must see!! Sacramonte is a precious little mountain from where you can enjoy the mindblowing view of the whole town and the famous palace “La Alhambra”. Of course, another one of my favorite spots. Make sure to come here for the sunset to get some awesome pics. On the very top, you’ll find cool caves where people live rent-free. You can enter these caves for free and have a look yourself! Most of the people usually go only the classic way straight up to the top and back down. That’s all right but I recommend you to get lost in the hills. That way you can discover so much more! You can meet the real forest people (that I never knew that even existed), enjoy a lot more of the amazing views over the valleys, get invited into the caves where no tourists go, or just enjoy a bonfire forest party that nobody knows about.

Soo, now you’re ready to explore Granada in a fun and exciting way!

Let me know if you tried any of these things if you come to Granada.

Happy traveling! ,)






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Tamara Elliott

I feel like Granada/Andalusia is the next hot destination- I’ve seen so many people visit lately and the pictures of the white town are incredible!


Andalusia has long been in my dream destinations. I actually have a photo of La Alhambra in my vision board. I am hoping to make this travel dream come true in the next few years! What is the best time to visit?

Renata Green

Contrary to you, I’ve been thinking about visiting Granada – and the entire region – forever. But unfortunately I keep postponing my Euro travel wishes since I always think ‘oh, it will be there next year, I don’t want to spend my travel time on something I can always do so easily’. After reading your post, I think I should be stricter with myself – and go to Granada as soon as possible. Gracias for the reminder, amiga. Olé.

Mei and Kerstin

We’ve always wanted to visit Granada, but haven’t made it there yet. We visited Sevilla though, and loved it. Besides, we didn’t know that Granada is full of street artists, that is so cool!


Lovely post. We only made it to Barcelona and Madrid thus far, but looks like Granada has a lot to offer. I love your level of detail regarding possible places for coffee. Ms.rice is a coffee addict 🙂

Janine Thomas

I have wanted to visit Granada for ages. I have planned it a couple of times, but I just don’t seem to be able to get there. Thanks for the great tip of the Sacramonte for the view. I have made a note of it. Maybe I will get there one day……


So glad you gave Granada a chance and let yourself be seduced by its charm. I’ve always wanted to visit and it’s wonderful to read about the experience and what to expect. How expensive is it relative to other parts of Spain? Thanks for sharing!


I love it! After this post I’m gonna go to Granada just randomly travel 🙂 happy jak dva grepy


I went to Granada with my parents when I was a kid so my memories are blur. Nice that you decided to stay in the end and could fell in love with the city you too. Strange that you never mentioned the Alhambra, this means Granada is much more its main sight!


I never knew that ever I can get a thought of traveling to Granada but your post has surely made me think. I would love to dwell on this lifestyle, enjoy cool coffee, Tapas and do club hopping. The Sacramonte Caves are really interesting and would love to climb the mountain to see whole town and sunset.

Sara Broers

Coffee shops don’t pull me in, but I do know they do for many. I’m all over the street art and it appears that Granada is home to some great art! It looks like it has a lot of charm unique to the area.

How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

This was just what I was on the look for. I will come back to this blog for sure!

How To Make My Wife Fall In Love With Me

Your post extremely cool. I glad to be here. I enjoyed reading your articles and i would like to bookmark your posts.