Let’s think! What is the worst situation that you can imagine that could happen? Except for the health problems of course. Well to me, it is getting broke and being totally homeless. Especially when you travel. I am a firm believer that you don’t need lots of money to travel. However, what is the point of traveling if you can not buy anything? Not even any of those local street foods (that is the cheapest thing you can get), no new exotic fruit, no new fabulous dress, and no to those cool hipster coffee shops everywhere around you.

Two days ago, I realized I was totally broke. What a surprise! Yea, I know, that was so unexpected in this post haha! Anyway, I went to one of those cool hipster vegan cafes and ordered a yummy avocado toast for four dollars. Then, with my super satisfied belly, I was ready to pay. I ordered a check and suddenly I found out I had no money. No money, not even for that stupid toast. All desperate looking, I left them my last two dollars and left. Luckily, they were very nice people and understood my situation and let me go. Now, I have nothing. No money at all. Being away in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries (so you can not work here, not even locals have a job) with zero dollars on my account and nothing in my purse. All right, I had there that atm card which was apparently useless right now. So, how did I solve my situation? What have I done to survive?

Workaway, the life saver
Fortunately, even though I have no real money I still have my laptop and I managed to pay my Workaway membership in time. Workaway.info is a great site where you can find offers all over the world. Basically, with all the offers you work 5 hours a day and you get free accommodation. If you ‘re lucky, you get also free food and drinks. You can not work for money in Cambodia, but they always want westerners to work for them on the exchange deals. Especially in party places like Sihanoukville and the islands. Everywhere you go, hostels, bars, you ‘ll find almost only westerners working here. Obviously, they attract more westerners, more money, better business, and so. So then, I  was working in a bar 5 hours a day, just by offering free shots and making sure that everybody was having fun. For this easiest job ever, I got free accommodation (air-conditioned), free food and free drinks all night. Now you think, wow, what is better than that? Well, the only bad thing is that it wasn’t moving me anywhere. I was still having that zero on my account. And what if I wanted to move to another place? Maybe to go to see the islands. How was I supposed to  figure that out in there?

Make local friends and get things for free
Yea, easy like that. I needed a boat transport from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Sanloem (the island). The boat cost 10d which I obviously didn’t have. Luckily I was already friends with the guy from the ticket office who knew that I was also a staff in a bar. I told him about my situation and he had no problem to give it to me for free. He said that staff should always get it for free anyway. Well, so what I’m trying to say, is that all you have to do is to be nice to people, smile and ask for what you want. Nobody will give you anything just like that if you don’t ask for it. So then, maybe try that out sometime too ,)

Work for good deals again
In Koh Rong Sanloem I didn’t have any Workaway anymore. What I did was, I just simply got in there hoping to find a job in one of the hostels or bars again on the same deal. I went to each of them, asked personally for a volunteering place till I didn’t find any. This is the way you can do it too if you don’t want to pay for Workaway membership (which is only 20e per year, but hey, still). The only dark side of this is that you can not be sure that you will find something when you ‘ll get there. My worst case scenario was to sleep on the beach and eat coconuts from the palms haha. Luckily, after all, I found a good job in a hostel and I’m very happy now.

Make money online, use your brain and your laptop
This one is a bit harder one. However, still a very possible one. There are many people who live only from the freelancing jobs. If you speak some special languages you can do translations, or do designs, photos…whatever you want. Or if you ‘re a passionate writer like me, you ‘ve got many opportunities aswell! All you need is a bit of creativity, your laptop, and wifi. The easiest and the best freelance website what I found is Upwork.com. Worth to check it out if you ‘re a beginner freelancer. If you ‘re a writer there s Cracked.com which pays 100d per accepted article with no need of previous experiences and the easiest one to sell your work is for me Travelicious.com (only for travel writers though).

Hitchhike and Couchsurf
People call me brave but I didn’t dare to couchsurf in Cambodia yet. Here, I rather stick to Workaway. Although, I do recommend you to try Couchsurfing for sure if you ‘re traveling in more developed countries. You save loads of money and can have a really nice local experience. Of course, you need to find the right couch host. Aaand, hitchhiking, I d say that is okay everywhere if you follow the rules and can read people well. Done it in Europe, done it in Asia, and had no problems at all. Also, after my trip to Koh Rong Sanloem im planning hitchhike to Kampot (another city). I ‘ll let you know how that goes.

Become minimalist
In the begging of this post, I mentioned what is the point of travel if you can’t shop. Well, I don’t know, just think again. Is it the superficial stuff or the experiences? Is it the fabulous dress or is the sitting on the beach with the bonfire and a guitar, singing, and dancing? Is the new necklace or is the fresh fresh bananas right from the banana tree? It’s all only about your comfort. If you want it, yes you need money to travel. If you ‘re not depending on having comfort, I don’t see any problem.







Happy travels,
I hope now you ‘ll be experts how to travel for almost nothing .)



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