Ramadaan! One of the biggest and the most important festivities in all Muslim countries including Indonesia. 40 days of concentrating on your faith by not eating meat, not partying and juust relaxing… When I arrived in Bali, I had no idea that you can actually find Muslims in here. Not to mention what Ramadan is haha! Wasn’t Bali supposed to be Hindu only? Well, apparently not. Apparently, many of them come from Java and other islands to make a good business with the huge amount of tourists. Most of them own restaurants, laundry services, etc.. Just like those mine:

Yeaa,  I had the honor of using their services too. One day I decided that before my big trip to Gili Islands, let’s make a big cleaning!… Big trip asks for a big cleaning! As I didn’t like the smell of the washing powder from my previous laundry service, I figured that maybe I should try a new one. I found a really cute small family hut offering to do the laundry for you. I thought, well, all the mommies know which washing powder is the best one. So, with all my belief I put my laundry into this laundry shop. There was a little boy attending me, and I gave him all of my clothes with all of my trust, agreeing to pick it up the next day. And, of course! Next day comes and my laundry shop is closed! …It got me thinking: “Oh yea Kristina, you are just so stupid! How could you trust and give all of your laundries to a little boy?! Now you can go to Gili islands naked!”  …There I was, freaking out, how and where would I pick up my clothes.

I decided to wait one more day. Maybe they would open the next day. I still had a hope.  The next day I stopped by, and what a surprise, it was still closed!  My hope was gone. And my leaving day was getting closer. Actually, it was the next day.  Oh what a nice feeling, I felt so lucky! Now I had a real excuse to run around Gilis naked! Haha, Nah, just kidding. As a smart person would do, I asked the neighbors what was wrong with my laundry shop. The neighbor tells me: “Oh no, they ‘re in Java, celebrating with their family for the last week of Ramadan.” ( Aww, how cute!!) Now I was really angry about this Ramadan! I decided then, that I just couldn’t  leave without my laundry!  I came to a conclusion to just to take what was mine. Why not just to break in? If I just took what was mine, that wouldn’t be robbery, right? That would be just taking was mine! So, why not? Also, it looked really easy as it was only a wooden hut.

11 o clock pm, it was my time to shine! It was dark, fewer people on the street, (still enough, as the streets in Canggu are always busy) and my best friend and I were ready to take the action. I was going to break in with the flashlight in my hand, and he was watching if there wasn’t anybody coming from the outside. Then he said: “Now, go!” I pulled up the jalousie and passed underneath. My heart was beating so fast! I felt so stressed out. I was wondering: “What if somebody will come out from the house? What if somebody stayed here? What if they catch me and call the police? Oh shit, I don’t want to spend my childhood in an Indonesian jail!.” Then I realized I needed to concentrate on quickly getting my stuff. And of course, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, suddenly, I spotted my towel! My towel, but nothing else. Where were my other stuff? Overlooking the towel, I found a little corridor where all of my clothes were just hanging and getting dried. Thank god! My clothes were really there. ..I put everything down as fast as I could, trying not to make too much noise. After all, I found and took everything that was mine, pulled up the jalousie again, came out, and walked quickly back home with my friend acting like nothing ever happened. Luckily, nobody saw us, I got my laundry clean, and for free with a little dirty adventure aside, ready to go for my trip to Gilis. I also hope that this cute family enjoyed their festivities in Java and that next time, they ‘ll lock their doors in some better way, in case some real thief would come.

However, whatever happens, it’s always a happy end!

Happy travels! (Please if you have any similar experience, feel free to share!)



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