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Hey! Welcome to my blog! .)

I’m Kristina. A girl with a weakness for the alternative travel. I like to go off-grid, explore the non – touristy places and get away from the masses. I’m from Slovakia, the little eastern European country. I have a huge passion for yoga and hoop dance. Yes, I’m still a little child and hopefully always will be. I also love this planet, because it’s beautiful and simply amazing, so I do everything I can to keep it that way. You will find on this blog all of my budget travel hacks, adventure stories,  zero – waste recipes and tips.

What is the Earthy girl about?

  • Little money, lots of adventure

This is what I call my lifestyle. Might be dirty, uncomfortable, dangerous sometimes even smelly, yet always delicious! I chose to give up my comfort for the amazing experiences on the road. Falling asleep on the beach, listening to the waves, looking at the stars…Then waking up by the tide rising with the wave giving me its morning shower? Yes, yes, yes sounds exactly like my favorite kind of night!

Spending my money rather on a beer with locals over finally taking that damn clothes I haven’t washed in weeks to the laundry service? Pretty sure, I’d choose the option 1. You get the idea..

  • Zero – waste lifestyle

Also, as a traveler, I love our Earth more than anything. As all of us should! I’m trying to keep it beautiful&healthy and helping others do the same. I follow the zero – waste way of living (which isn’t always the easiest on the road). I’m still far from zero, though this is the goal. I like to create my own, simple DIY cosmetics out of common kitchen products, not producing any waste. This keeps my hair and skin glowing and it doesn’t harm our planet.


My aim with this blog

With this blog, my aim is to help you get out there, explore, get adventurous, even if you’re on a really low budget. With my tips, you’ll save tons of money and save the environment. 🙂  Last but not least, you’ll even make yourself healthier!

Now, what made me travel?

Since a little girl, every summer we used to go for a holiday to Croatia with family. Of course, every time somewhere different, so we never got bored of it.  Our holidays were always just road trips from Slovakia to Croatia, and then camping next to the sea. Most of the nights, there were crazy, summer thunderstorms that we needed to hold our tent for the whole night. Fortunately, this way it didn’t get blown away. Sometimes, we even needed to hide in the car because it was too dangerous to stay outside. I was scared to death, but I was still enjoying it. When there wasn’t a storm, my sister and I, we used to sleep under the stars in a hammock, waking up with the cicadas. We used to eat the fresh Croatian fruits, jams, fish and then spent the whole day in the sea. That’s right, IN the sea. No next to it, sunbathing haha (I couldn’t stand that). I used to spend hours and hours in the sea without going out till my skin didn’t turn into a skin of a frog. I loved how much fun we used to have.

These holidays were always my favorite part of the year. And still are the best memories of my childhood. By this, I want to say, that I guess that I was educated to live life as one big adventure. I learned to love the time being uncomfortable already as a little kid, and now it looks like, it’s stuck with me forever.



So, if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!